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At the end of the bay of La Baule, Pornichet combines its beach on the La Baule side, its deep water port and its more authentic beaches towards Bonne Source.


The architecture of the seaside villas is worth discovering.


- The Pointe du Bec: a very nice walk to do


- Main events: Renc'arts, Pornichet roller estival, les vendredis des p'tits loups...


Casino, thalassotherapy, racecourse, congress centre


- Escape game

29 bis avenue Villès Davaud (opposite the racecourse) - Pornichet

02 40 11 35 09


Prices: variable according to the number of players and the days

(Per player: 27 € or 30 € for 2 players, 18 € or 22 € for 6 players)

Plage de Pornichet
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